Network Security

UAM's Security & Network Integration team helps protect your network infrastructure from internal and external threats. Our security consultants bring a blend of real-world experience, technical aptitude and broad industry knowledge to every project. Using a customized approach and proven methodologies, our experts assess the security of your network to ensure a thorough analysis and testing of your network security policies, processes and controls. UAM maintains strong relationships with the industry’s leading Security vendors. In addition, our Security & Network Integration consultants are among the most skilled in their field. With offerings such as firewall rule set reviews, security architecture reviews and holistic network security assessments, UAM can help you and your company protect your network both strategically and tactically.


Identity & Secure Access Management

UAM's Multi-phased process for successful Identity and Access Management  discovery, strategic planning, credibility building, implementation and knowledge transitioning has been developed and refined through successful engagements with the most respected companies.

  • Providing enterprise awareness and business justification for Access Management.
  • Enabling management to make well-informed access decisions.
  • Creating automation for user role creation and lifecycle management.
  • Automating and better managing user identities and access throughout organizations.
  • Enhancing security policy and regulatory compliance.
  • Simplifying the administrative burden while creating cost and resource efficiencies


Data Security & Privacy

UAM's Data Security team helps you build a comprehensive strategy to identify, classify and secure your data. Our consultants recognize your business goals so they’re able to tailor solutions that meet your specific initiatives. Using a rigorous methodology, our consultants examine your current business processes, existing security controls, data repositories and consumers, and external connections. Then they create a data flow analysis that clearly depicts where your sensitive data is at rest, in use and in motion. Working with your organization, our consultants map data flows, classify data/content and develop the appropriate strategies and controls to ensure your data is handled securely.   Our experts enable your organization to make intelligent, risk-based decisions while ensuring your data is secure.