Product Design

With increasing public concern about corporate responsibility and sustainability, organizations are looking for solutions to reduce their environmental footprint.

At UAM Technologies Corp., we define sustainability as meeting present needs without compromising the ability of future generation to meet their own needs. Our goal is to create innovative green technology solutions and reduce the environmental impact of businesses and individuals. We intend to help organizations drive efficiency in every aspect of their operations, from automated document processing to smarter energy integration, we strive to reduce operational and management costs with more efficient green digital solutions.

We will work with you to evaluate and implement sustainable green solutions designed to meet your specific performance and market requirements. From the development of more energy-efficient systems to enhanced sustainability and cleaner environment, our goal is to promote solutions that conserve natural resources with minimal impact on the natural environment, while changing the culture of doing business, and engaging individuals in an new way of identifying and perceiving eco-awareness.

With that in mind, UAM Technologies Corp. focuses on promoting green initiatives to minimize and offset the environmental impact of today's fast-paced technology through carefully considered solutions that are good for the environment and for business.



The combined insight and skills of our diverse team of experts empowers us to deliver designs to fit all your applications and budgetary needs. UAM Technologies will coordinate all the aspects of the kiosk design project, starting from conceptual designs and 3D animations, design development, engineering services, graphic programs, shipping and installation.

At UAM Technologies, we design kiosks with you and your product/services in mind, providing you with user friendly applications and setup, high tech appearance and state-of-the-art style that is guaranteed to attract more customers. Our kiosk design services feature the following products:

  • Bill Payment Kiosk – provide your consumers with a time- saving solution to pay their bills by expediting their payments and reducing unnecessary paperwork.
  • Credit Application Kiosks – this self-service system is designed to meet any of your business needs, while complying and exceeding the security standards and user privacy.
  • Multimedia Kiosks – promote your brand name and increase your sales with this sophisticated billboard self-service system.
  • Healthcare Kiosks – allow your patients to identify themselves upon arrival at your facility, view and confirm demographic and insurance information, electronically sign consent documents and make payments, thus reducing your administrative costs and minimizing the chances for error.
  • HR Kiosks – reduce your HR costs by providing convenient and consistent information to your employees through an HR kiosk. Whether it is employee scheduling, or distributing pay stubs, 401K administration, company policies, job posting, training opportunities, or company news, an HR kiosk will become an excellent extension of your HR department.
  • Custom Design Kiosks – our team of designers and engineers will work with you to provide you with an innovative solution that is guaranteed to portray the uniqueness of your brand for years to come.



In today's 'green-focused' economy, in an attempt to stand out from the competition, more and more companies strive to take a leading place in the environmental movement.

UAM Technologies digital signage solution provides businesses with a flexible, powerful and dynamic advertising platform to broadcast customized contents through compelling, high-impact digital signage. Experience greater outcomes for your brands' messages while contributing to reduced paper consumption and carbon emissions.

With UAM Technologies offers endless custom designed possibilities to lower your carbon emission footprint, increase function efficiency, and incorporate sustainable solutions into your unique market. Our reliable, easy-to-deploy, cost-effective, and eco-friendly kiosks digital signage solutions gives your business that competitive edge that impacts your bottom line. Our green kiosks provide your business with:

  • Low-power consumption components integration (Energy Star Compliant) with Carbon Footprint Savings Meter;
  • Optimized long-term kiosk performance and efficiency;
  • Low heat and no hazardous materials (RoHS Compliant);
  • Ambient light sensor that reduces display brightness when not in use;
  • Recyclable enclosure materials, packaging and eco-friendly paint processes;
  • Solar power kiosk design;
  • Green touchscreen integration;
  • Compelling signs versus traditional printed posters, resulting in successful implementation of brand's marketing goals;
  • Content flexibility, allowing fast and easy update or upload;

Our cutting-edge expertise in digital signage solutions and cost-effective manufacturing has placed us above other kiosk providers. As OEM manufacturers, we provide complete kiosk manufacturing solutions ranging from prototype runs to high volume production.



UAM Technologies has extensive experience with the distribution and processing of real-time streaming data. Our engineers have designed and implemented several processing systems including PCP (CEPT E1/E3). Tasks have involved de-multiplexing & multiplexing (frame, time-slot, and sub time-slot), protocol processing (C2C, cellular, ISDN, SS7, etc.), correlation, mapping, filtering & selection, record, playback, generation, and streaming data distribution.