A Worldwide Provider of Technology Solutions

UAM Technologies is committed to performance excellence, business integrity, and serving the mission-critical needs of our valued customers. We offer products in the following fields:

  • Wired and wireless communications
  • GPS and contract services
  • Kiosk design and manufacturing
  • Customized software design and development
  • Call center solutions
  • Mobile Security systems

We have the technology sectors of the world covered, ready to meet our clients’ challenges with comprehensive, responsive and innovative solutions.



  • Green Digital Signing Technology powered by eRealSign.  Eliminate paper processes.  Save time, money, and the environment.  With eRealSign any size business can go fully digital.
  • eRealSign method for document signing creates new opportunities for your business, big or small, to transition fully to a paperless digital format- a transition that will have a positive and green impact on the global ecosystem and your ROI.
  • eRealSign signature technology reduces routing time, is fully industry compliant, and dramatically increases bottom-line savings. 
  • eRealSign facilitates document exchanges that require signatures and/or identity verification.
  • Enhance your existing infrastructure with a 100% paperless process.  Demonstrate your organization's commitment to sustainability- one digital signature at a time.



  • UAM coordinates all aspects of your kiosk design project- from conceptual design to shipping and installation.
  • UAM features Green Kiosks- all employing only state-of-the-art green technologies.
  • UAM designs kiosks for virtually all industries- from Bill Payment Kiosks to Human Resources (HR) Kiosks, and everything in between. 
  • Full Range of Digital Signage Solutions providing businesses with flexible, powerful, dynamic advertisement platforms.
  • Cutting-edge expertise in designing Kiosk/digital signage solutions along with cost-effective manufacturing provides your organization with a competitive advantage.



  • Multi-disciplined Consulting Services- from product design conception to fully-manufactured product.
  • UAM Technologies can help your company solve its most rigorous problems by being there every step of your product development life cycle.
  • Our proven strategies, expertise, and experience gives your project a competitive advantage by delivering technologically advanced solutions and products on-time and on-budget.
  • UAM delivers comprehensive designs for product integrity and molding efficiency.
  • With UAM's in-house resources and expertise, your product receives the priority necessary to meet your company's technical, time, and budget requirements.

CallCenter Solutions

UAM Technologies is a leading provider of Call Center technology including automated phone systems as well as predictive dialers, ACD and PBX solutions, Call Center software, recording and monitoring solutions, and workforce management software. Our experienced application development team can deliver both off-the-shelf solutions and customized turnkey applications.
All of our hardware is based on state-of-the-art servers and built upon proven and innovative Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) technology, offering a suite of call routing, call logging, inbound and out bound call routing.  UAM’s complete range of Management tools make your Call Center management efficient and worry-free.


OEM GPS Solutions

UAM has unequal expertise in the field of precise positioning systems.  Our components are designed for rapid integration in your application. With UAM Technologies OEM GPS products you can take advantage of positioning technologies and achieve enhanced positioning performance. Our OEM GPS modules provide an easy-to-use interface. Our GPS products provide you with all the tools you need to design and develop a GPS system suitable for varied applications such as:

  • Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL);
  • Emergency Call Location (911);
  • Tracking (containers, taxis, trains, trucks fleets, assets, etc.);
  • Stolen Vehicle Recovery;
  • Any GPS Application;


Kiosk Design Services & Manufacturing

The combined insight and skills of our diverse team of experts empowers us to deliver designs to fit all your applications and budgetary needs. UAM Technologies will coordinate all the aspects of the kiosk design project, starting from conceptual designs and 3D animations, design development, engineering services, graphic programs, shipping and installation.
At UAM Technologies, we design kiosks with you and your product/services in mind, providing you with user friendly applications and setup, and a unique, state-of-the-art style that is guaranteed to attract more customers. Our kiosk design services feature the following products:  

  • Bill Payment Kiosk 
  • Credit Application Kiosks
  • Multimedia Kiosks
  • Healthcare Kiosks
  • HR Kiosks
  • Insurance
  • Custom Design Kiosks

Embedded Hardware and Software

UAM Embedded Solutions offers a wide range of leading-edge and long-life PC/104 and 3.5” embedded boards and solutions that fit many demanding applications. A variety of engineering services aid the customer in customizing or ruggedizing our standard product offerings to meet their specific requirements or application. We offer Embedded hardware & Single Board Computers for many Transportation applications.  Transportation applications can range from solar powered ticket and information kiosks to tracking and remote power train control in all types of transportation environments-- from automotive and avionic to passenger and freight Railway.
We also offer Embedded operating systems and custom software to meet our customers’ requirements

Save paper and do your part in reducing greenhouse emissions with our digital signing solution that will allow your business to go 100% paperless. Our servers facilitate document exchanges that require signatures and identity verifications. Our revolutionary new methods for document signing will create new opportunities for your business to improve customer service and stream-line operations – a transition that will have a positive impact on the global ecosystem and your ROI.











our working process in 3 steps

Our Working Process in 3 steps:  UAM is committed to excellence and innovation.  To ensure we always exceed our customers' expectations, we use the latest cutting-edge technologies and processes, and we combine this with a passion for customer service and satisfaction.


planning & strategy

planning & strategy

This is the first and most important step in creating a successful product. To ensure your company's requirements are adhered to, we listen. We focus on what your company needs. Then our work begins. Involving your company in every step is of foremost importance to UAM. Our planning strategy is strictly dictated by your company's needs.

design & develop

design & develop

Its all about creativity and cutting-edge technologies. Our design and development stage starts with clear guidelines and 100% percent customer-approved strategies. Then, our expertise takes center stage. Our creativity and customer input remain important. Nothing is final until our clients are fully satisfied, and the product is exactly as envisioned by client.

test & deliver

test & deliver

This stage, as all our stages, involves customer input and approval. Then, rigorous testing based on latest technologies and customer-required benchmarks are executed. Prototypes are part of our test and deliver protocol. Once our customer expectations for functionality are exceeded, we are ready to deliver on-time and on-budget.